What If?

What if every hand was a paintbrush;

Working away without any rush,

Painting the smiles on all the faces;

Perfecting all of the colors and races?


What if every heart was a candle light;

Leaving each life glowing bright,

Shining upon all people with love;

Reflecting the love from God above?


What if every lip was God’s messenger;

Glorifying the one born in a manger,

Lifting up God’s name in all places;

Perfecting worship and singing His praises?


What if every house was a sanctuary;

The Bible standing out in every library,

Each member a living testimony;

Of a saved and God-fearing family?


What if every eye was a floodlight;

Leading us to all things pure and right,

Turning away from all things sinful;

And leading us to a God that’s faithful?


What if we all turned from these dreams;

And practiced all this in our daily lives?

What if we stopped asking what if, and gave life to our motives, with our lives as the  the motif?

Wouldn’t we be saved indeed? Wouldn’t we be free indeed?


“If the son has set you free, You are free indeed.”


In His service and for His glory,


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