Nonsense is Godsense

Ecc 1:2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!” Says the teacher. “Utter meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

In the dark, a clothed man might as well be naked, for his apparel is apparently pointless.

In the dark, a model may as well neglect make-up, for her audience is rendered sightless.

I don’t mind the mark on your face, the scar on your cheek… in the dark.

I can’t see the fire in your eyes, the flush on your cheeks… in the dark.

A smile and a frown draw the same response, a blank.., in the dark.

In darkness, sight is meaningless.

In deafness, music is meaningless.

In illiteracy, words are meaningless.

In a Godless world; The sun is just an orb of hot gas, the moon is just a dented daylight reflector and the wind is a reverie of indecisive air.

In a Godless generation; evil is victimless and good is rewardless. Seasons are just another monotonous cycle and the earth is the center of the universe.

But then God steps into the world, and darkness dims as glory glows.

In God, the sun is a blessing and the moon an inspiration.

In God, every sunrise is a gift and each sunset uplifts.

In God, streams flow with love and matter matters.

In God, our work, our strife, our talents are a MEANS and not a MEANINGLESS end.

Creativity points to a creative creator,

Beauty points to a beautiful Being,

And Love points to a loving God.

Nothing is meaningless in the SON,

Yet all is meaningless under the SUN,

God is the meaning of life.

God is the point of pain.

God is the sense in injustice.

God is the profit in a loss.

God is what’s new in a redundant world.

God is the memory of an alhzeimic people.

God is the future of man’s ‘vanity’.

Everything exists and finds its meaning IN and THROUGH God.

In Christ we live, move and have our being.


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