Blog Break (4 Feb 13)

Perhaps the reason you seldom look forward to Mondays is because you don’t really get what’s so special about Sundays. This Monday’s blog break features insightful articles on the power and purpose of being part of a biblical church community:

  1. First, let’s get definitions out of the way. THE ESSENTIAL: CHURCH is part of a series of theological terms that Tim Challies has been posting every Sunday for awhile now. Take note of the correlation between the universal church and the local church: “That you belong to the global church implies that you will belong to and be actively involved in a local church as well, for, as Hebrews suggests, your faith and obedience depend on it.”
  2. In WATCH OUT, OR THE DEVIL’S GONNA GET YOU Jonathan Parnell discusses the central role that active membership in a local church plays in our fight against sin and the devil’s ploys. “God has designed our warfare to include one another. We can’t wield the shield of faith alone. We need brothers and sisters to come alongside us to hold up our arms. More specifically, we need brothers and sisters to speak faith-building words to our souls.”
  3. Lastly, THE GLORY OF PLODDING is a short excerpt that is aimed at those Christians who don’t want to be “tied down to institutional religion”. You know, the “I love Jesus but hate religion” sloganeers? Kevin DeYoung has something to say about that.

Have a blessed reading time and remember, church is not a place we go to, it is a Body that we belong to. We don’t go there, we live there. We are in The Church, even on Monday. So rejoice and give thanks.

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