Blog Break (8 Mar 13)

Here we go…

  1. BATTLING SINFUL SARCASM This was really transparent. Lindsey Carlson: “If my sarcasm always felt like a loving and innocent hug, there’d be no reason to question my heart’s motives. But when my humor feels more like a slap in the face, when people don’t “get” my sarcasm, and my jokes leave behind a wake of wounded brothers and sisters, I’m forced to dig a little deeper and face the facts.”
  2. THE GOSPEL IN SURROUND SOUND Andree Seu Peterson outlines how “God gives people every chance to “get” the gospel, communicating it in so many ways that one way is bound to strike a chord.”
  3. WHEN YOU’RE SICK OF THEOLOGY I know, blogs like Alien Citizens can sometimes make you sick of theology. But don’t quit yet. Michael Patton encourages you to get back up again: “The truth is like gold, fine gold. The truth will produce in you fruit that the infertile ground of apathy cannot ever yield. Don’t commit yourself to the mire of disillusionment.”
  4. Lastly, Tim Challies shares FOUR GOOD REASONS TO READ GOOD BOOKS. He should know, he’s read thousands and reviewed hundreds (I think)!

Have a blessed weekend, friends. And if you haven’t already, please, find a good book and start reading it.

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